The Solution

We focus on implementing The 21st Century Marketing System in your Business and you can find out more about the system here.  The specifics of your problem will determine the right solution for you - If it's MESSAGE, then Chris can help.  If it's CONTENT & DELIVERY then it's a job for Elaine. Tania's the 'Go To' person for following up on auto-pilot and all things and automation.  

Book a FREE discovery call with the team member you think can help you the best - and during your call they think  it's a job for one of theitr colleagues, they can book a call for you with the team member who can best help you.

Chris Kent MSc (Dist.)

Business & marketing keynote speaker, author & Mentor

Chris is a Chartered Marketer, he holds a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and is a leading authority in micro-business marketing. He is the author of '21st Century Marketing: What it is, Why it matters, and How to do it', and founder of The 21st Century Marketing Academy. 

Elaine Minett-Smith

Content Management & Delivery Specialist

Elaine has a wide range of technical and operational skills. She specialises in turning a basic message into visually appealing and compelling content. She then delivers this content via a wide range of social media and digital platforms to generate qualified leads

Tania Jones

Business & Marketing Automation Specialist

Tania has a wealth of knowledge and experience in business processes and implementing IT systems. She specialises in configuring business and marketing automation systems to help small busines owners streamline their business without taking on more staff.