Your Challenge

There are nearly 6 million small business owners in the UK and the majority of them suffer from a common complaint...

It's called "Entrepreneurial Over-Enthusiasm"

We all have great ideas and ambitious goals, but the reality is we often bite off more than we can chew. 

Our passion and enthusiasm gets the better of us and we truly believe we can do Sooo much, we end up putting ourselves under a huge amount of pressure. 

And that's one of the causes of small business failures - Unrealistic Expectations!

Don't get me wrong! I'm not saying being passionate, enthusiastic or setting big goals is a bad thing - FAR FROM IT!

It's just sometimes we need a little help to achieve them - and that's where Your TEC Team come in. The reality is that every business needs a range of skills to run like a well-oiled machine that produces consistent results - and small businesses are no different.  Every business needs to grab and keep their perfect prospects attention, build strong relationships with their target audience, and close the sale quickly - certainly before your competition get wind of what you're up to!

But it doesn't stop there.  Once you've won your hard-earned customer you need to keep them.  You need to build a strong and powerful brand that makes them want to not just sing your praises at every opportunity but shout them from the roof tops, so everybody hears about how awesome you are!

Now THAT'S how to really build a business. And it relies on generating consistent positive word of mouth at every opportunity to create a steady flow of new customers direct to your door, credit card in hand and asking to buy whatever it is you have to offer.

It's a sad fact that many small business owners work really hard to acquire new leads and turn them into paying customers. The problem is once they've made the initial sale, they often don't have the resources to both service their customers in the long term and attract new customers who are willing to pay cash now to keep them afloat.

Their need for cash right now to keep afloat wins the battle of resources, and the majority of their effort is put into their customer acquisition strategy. Understandable? Yes! Highly Profitable? Hmmm...

Research consistently shows that nurturing your existing customers and encouraging them to buy more of your products and services costs a fraction of what it costs to acquire a new customer.

Sure, the cash is in the sale - but the fortune is in the follow-up!

And THAT's where Your TEC Team (Tania, Elaine & Chris) can help!

Would working with a small team of highly qualified and experience professionals each 'playing to their genius' help you achieve your goals and turn your opportunities into reality far quicker than battling on your own?

Chris Kent MSc (Dist.)

Business & marketing keynote speaker, author & Mentor

Chris is a Chartered Marketer, he holds a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and is a leading authority in micro-business marketing. He is the author of '21st Century Marketing: What it is, Why it matters, and How to do it', and founder of The 21st Century Marketing Academy. 

Elaine Minett-Smith

Content Management & Delivery Specialist

Elaine has a wide range of technical and operational skills. She specialises in turning a basic message into visually appealing and compelling content. She then delivers this content via a wide range of social media and digital platforms to generate qualified leads

Tania Jones

Business & Marketing Automation Specialist

Tania has a wealth of knowledge and experience in business processes and implementing IT systems. She specialises in configuring business and marketing automation systems to help small busines owners streamline their business without taking on more staff.